Space Trend of KIT Group Company

As of today mineral resources use business is comparable with space exploration efforts in its significance. But the earth minerals reserves turn out to be terminatory as opposed to the space business which is noted for its unlimited prospects and boundless opportunities. Besides, the space business is capable to resolve the problem of providing the Earth with power resources and minerals by applying innovative and efficient techniques capable to turn our planet into a blossoming place favored by nature. Furthermore the space business is extremely science-based which implies that it will inevitably incentivize and spur the development of other industry branches and servicing sector. Another critically important aspect linked with this business is that it’s in an infant state and is just starting up. In fact to be the trailbreaker in this area is not only laudable but also is extremely profitable from the commercial standpoint.

KIT Group has incorporated into its strategic development program a concept of space market entrance by focusing its efforts at ‘Baikonur’ space-launch complex built in Kazakhstan. This strategic plan also includes other opportunities of cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan targeted at outer space exploration. The tactical strategy for entry the space market contains the following items:

– to become this business stakeholder and obtain a license authorizing to perform activities in outer space;
– to utilize the existing capacities of the space-launch complex;
– to promote advanced technologies associated with transportation means, communication facilities and security equipment utilization in outer space environment;

In actuality KIT Group has acquired the controlling stock interest of ‘Aelita’ Space-Exploring Enterprise (which has been renamed into JSC «Baikonur’ Aerospace Company) which has elaborated its own program for space building and construction work on the ground of ‘Baikonur’ space-launch complex, which had been approved both by the Russian and Kazakhstani stakeholders. This program incorporates the below listed issues:

– elaboration of brand new devices alternative for jet-propelled, propulsion units for traveling in outer space environment on the basis of utilizing new physical properties of an electromagnetic field to push off from outer cosmic space (vacuum). This opportunity has been acknowledged already and we have devised new models of propulsion units with tractive power (propulsive) estimated at 3-5 milligrams;

– utilization of conversion idling capacities of ‘Baikonur’ space-launch complex for releasing the operating load into outer space on the so-termed ‘primary stocking orbit assembly points’. Under these circumstances the accuracy for releasing the operating load is no that significant, the key point is to get precisely on the ‘primary assembly points’.

The working program may be implemented upon the availability of the license authorizing space exploration activities initiation, utilization of ‘Baikonur’ space-launch complex capacities, application of conversion space technologies with a subsequent review of intentions of private entrepreneurs to commence business activities aimed at outer space exploration.

The USA and Russia are breaking new ground in this sphere and their joint work will also be focused at attraction of private sector capital for outer space exploration. In this context KIT Group may be helpful in observation of their practical efforts purposefulness.

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