At the Presidium Plenary Meeting of the International Academy of Martial Arts there was a resolution adopted on decoration of Timur Kulibayev and Gulmira Tolganbayeva with ‘Oscar Awards for Sports’ as recognition of their considerable contribution into sports development in Kazakhstan based on the outcome of the year of 2013

Widespread response was caused by the President’s Address to people of Kazakhstan. In Almaty under the chairmanship of Dauren Mussa, renowned entrepreneur and public character there was a meeting of KIT Group Companies and ‘Bes Qaru’ Federation conducted at which the high-priority tasks outlined by the Head of State were discussed.

«Royal Tulip Almaty» became the venue for conduction of a meeting for summarization of ‘Bes Qaru’ Federation’s activities under the chairmanship of Dauren Mussa, renowned businessman and public figure.

Independence enabled Kazakhstan to pick any political and economic path for its development, but more significant is that the country is free to develop its own State ideology founded on preservation and consolidation of its historical roots, cultural heritage, national traditions and habits. According to Dauren Mussa only those who cherish the past and remember its lessons would have prospects for the successful future.

Independence Day’s Celebration turned out for Kazakhstan to be abundant with cheering news. At the IInd Asian open championship for Sports Jiu Jitsu held on December 12–15, 2013 in Almaty the Kazakh athletes won 11 gold medals out of 12 possible!

Remarkable news arrived from the city of Jaworzno (Poland). At the VIIIth world championship for Combat Sports Jiu Jitsu held under the auspices of the International Sports Jiu Jitsu Federation (ISJA) in November 23-26 the national team from Kazakhstan secured premiere places and at individual competition the Kazakh athletes gained 7 gold and 4 silver medals!

Last weekend was notable due to the IVth world championship for Jiu-Jitsu held in Suzdal (Russia) and the tournament among children and youngsters in the course of which the team from Kazakhstan gained 16 gold, 7 silver and 6 bronze medals.

For the first time ever our fellow countryman has become an honorary member of the International Academy of Martial Arts (USA). His name is Dauren Mussa, renowned businessman and public figure, founder of National Sports Federation ‘Bes Qaru’.

Recently Atlantic City was hosting the Third World Championship for Combat Kazakhsha Tobeles, where the prize was won by Yernat Nurmukhameduly in heavy weight category.

ALMATY. November 30. KAZINFORM – In Kazakhstan for the first time ever ‘Forbes Kazakhstan’ magazine and Fashion TV denominated the «Gentlemen of the Year».

Those who are watching intently the events happening in the cinema world have noticed that it has become customary to welcome foreign movie actors at such high-end Film Festivals like ‘Eurasia’, ‘Shaken’s Stars’ and other cultural functions. Needless to say that participation of legendary celebrities may be costly at times but the profile of the event would get upgraded in the long run and eventually it would draw public attention to it.

The award ceremony was held within the frame of the enlarged meeting of “Bes Karu” Federation and “Professional Combat Sports Jiu Jitsu Profi Fight” National Federation in Almaty city.

Askhat Karatabanov, Counselor to the President of ‘Bes Karu’ Federation and KIT Group being an International Expeditionist has performed a parachute leap from 4500 meters height at the North Pole, holding the Alcoran in his hands when he had activated the national flag of Kazakhstan and the flag of ‘Bes Qaru’ Federation under the Association of National Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the ‘top of the world’.

ALMATY. March 27. KAZINFORM AGENCY – For the first time the national team from Kazakhstan headed the list at the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship

‘Bes Qaru’ Federation forwarded its representative to the expeditionary trip to the North Pole: Expeditionary Research Center for Exploration of the Arctic and Antarctic Regions «Polyus» ( with the technical support of the Research and Practical Centre for Rescue and Salvage flights under the Civilian Aviation of the Russian Federation during a period of April 2-4, 2012 carried out an international parachute expedition to the North Pole.

On January 21-22, 2012 Atlantic City (New Jersey, USA) became the venue for conduction of one of the most notable annual events in martial arts and ultimate fighting during the course one of the items of the agenda was the summarization of the activities of the Academy of Martial Arts. The Oscar awarding ceremony called together to the rally of ‘Black belts’ held in Atlantic City (US) combatants, trainers, coaches, stunt performers and actors who have been promoting sports and through sports and martial arts have came to the cinema world.

Demonstration battles of titled fighters on Kazaksha Tobeles (Fights without rules) was held on the 3rd of December in Almaty city where Michael Madsen, Cynthia Rothrock, Tommy Lister and others were invited as honored guests. The real sensation of demonstration was that the legendary Don "the Dragon" Wilson and Olivier Gruner were fighting under the Kazakhstan flag.

On December 1-2, 2011 Almaty City was the venue for Charitable Project Implementation ‘Cinema Against Pain’ where ‘Kit Group’ acted as the exclusive partner of the function.

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