Social Activity

Social projects represent an integral element of KIT Group’s activities. As Dauren Mussa, President marked once: ‘been blessed by the Great Steppes’ ancient traditions treasurers and with the support of KIT Group we have set up a Federation ‘Bes- Karu’, the primary objectives of which is the cultural heritage revival and renewal of fundamental concepts of martial arts, and on the basis of these principles to ensure the upbringing of the rising generation inspired by high-spirited defenders raised with the feelings of patriotism and devotion to their homeland’.

At the moment ‘Bes-Karu’ is a multi-purpose alliance which incorporates the Federation of ‘Equestrian Industries’, ‘National Federation of Professional Combat Sports Jiu Jitsu’, ‘Kazakhsha Tobeles’, Scientific & Educational Journal ‘Traveler’s World and which also cooperates with the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Within one decade ‘Bes-Karu’ Federation managed to conduct plenty of business events of the Republican and international importance, including three world championships for ‘Kazakhsha Tobeles’ held in Las-Vegas, Almaty and Atlantic City. The national team from Kazakhstan for Professional Sports Jiu Jitsu at the world championship held in Kiev in 2012 secured premier place among adults and was decorated with six gold medals out of seven possible rewards. In 2013 at the IV-th World Championship for Combat Jiu Jitsu among adults and children held in Suzdal’ the Federation’s athletes were decorated with 16 gold, 7 silver and 6 bronze medals. Later in Jaworzno (Poland) there was the VIII-th world championship for Jiu Jitsu conducted under the auspices of the International Jiu Jitsu Association where the Kazakhstani athletes gained the lead and at individual competition they won 7 gold and 4 silver medals. In December of 2013 at the open Asian Jiu Jitsu championship held in Almaty the national team from Kazakhstan was awarded with 11 gold medals out of 12 awards available.

The activities of ‘Bes-Karu’ Federation are not restricted with sporting events only. The Federation also draws a lot of attention to the social and cultural aspects.

Among milestone events was an invitation of high-profile Hollywood stars to the international charitable festivity «Cinema against Pain». Among the celebrities there were Cynthia Rothrock, Michael Madsen, Don Dragon Wilson, Olivier Gruner and Tommy Lister. The purpose of this event was to turn the public eye to the problems and challenges that disabled children are facing.

Year over year ‘Bes Karu’ Federation is sponsoring International Film Festivals ‘Eurasia’ and ‘French Films in Kazakhstan’ and acknowledges the contribution made by the best figures of the national cinema. Not long ago Dauren Mussa in partnership with Armand Assante acted as producers of the feature full-length movie ‘The Whole World at our Feet’ in which eight renowned Hollywood start were filmed, the world premiere of the movie is supposed to be in 2014.

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