Gold Placer 2

General Information

  • Private Kazakh company engaged in exploration, mining and preparation of ore and precious metals in Kazakhstan since 2000
  • Subsurface use Contract for exploration and mining of gold Ore Field in Zhambyl Oblast, located 180km from Almaty.
  • Company has a right to perform the following activities: - exploration, designing and mining operations - ore processing - architectural and construction
  • Duration of the Contract:  Exploration - before 2010;  Mining - before 2029
  • Area of Geological Allotment is 20 km2
  • Developed infrastructure with easy access to highway, dirt roads and power supply.
  • Strong management team with multiyear experience in mineral resource industry  


  C1 C2 C1 + C2
Ore, tones 785,689 2,737,535 2,887,814
Gold, kg 974 2,436 2,685
Gold grade g/t 1.24 0.89 0.93


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