Gold Placer 4



 General Information

  • Private Kazakh company that golds contract for exploration and following mining of placer gold in  Almaty Region.
  • Total area of geological allotment is 702 sq. km.
  • First exploration works were conducted during 1940 - 1950
  • Strong management team with multiyear experience in mineral resource industry
  • Possibility to acquire a majority stake of the company
  • Contract anticipates pilot commercial mining
State Reserves Committee approved resources of placer gold f in 2001 
The resources are 143 ton of gold with average grade 1g/m3. Additional exploration works carried out in 2005-2007 make possible to revaluate the reserves and resources of deposit.
C2 P1 P2 P3 Total
3,094 121,051 6,680 2500 133,280 


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