Polymetallic deposit 1

Private Kazakh company engaged in mining exploration and development. The company holds subsurface use contract for a polymetallic mining asset since 2004. Duration of the Contract - Exploration - before 2010,  Mining - before 2029. The area of geological allotment is located 120km from Almaty. Presence of good infrastructure with easy access to railroad, water and electricity.

Investment Rationale:

  • Only 10% of the asset has been explored, which provides a future geology upside of more than 100 tones of gold.
  • Presence of Rare Earth Metals.
  • Most of the metal lies within 100 - 200 metres depth, that provides cheap extraction costs. 
  • Current sale price is considerably below its fair value
  Gold Silver Zink Lead
Category tones 000, tones 000, tones 000, tons
P3 10,417 208 1475 589

Production (1991 - 1995)


gold 1159
silver 284
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