Nickel deposit

Overview of Nickel reserves in Kazakhstan

Total nickel ore reserves of Kazakhstan amount to 300 mln. tons. 
Total nickel reserves equal to 3 mln. tons.
Total nickel ore reserves of Kempirsai area (B+C1) amounts to 100 mln. tons.
Total nickel reserves of Kempirsai area (B+C1) amount to 1 mln. tons. 
General Company Information
Private Kazakh company that holds exploration & production rights for two cobalt - nickel deposits:
The deposits are located at the Kempirsai area. 
The Company intends to extract approximately 3 mln. tons of ore annually using open-pit method. 
Mining works have been started on both deposits and have proved that mining and geological conditions correspond to designed production criteria.
Nickel, tons Cobalt, tons
Deposit 1      
B   13,800  
C1   3,400 622
Deposit 2      
B   11,600 547
C1   15,800 900
C2   4 368
48,600 2,069
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